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Providing the best employee group health benefits & insurance at the lowest possible cost.

3201 1st Ave S, #108
Seattle, WA 98134

Group Insurance

Medical Insurance


CFA specializes in assisting employers with 1-500 employees. We’re appointed with dozens of local and national carriers and Association Health Plans and will work with you to find the best fit.
Dental Insurance


Group dental insurance often has better rates and less restrictions compared to individual coverage. Bundling discounts are often available when purchased alongside other lines of coverage.
Vision Insurance


Group vision insurance is inexpensive and provide a benefit for your employees for eye exams and hardware. Coverage is available for groups with 2+ employees.
Life Insurance

Life & Disability

Life and disability insurance might be the second most important benefit you can provide your employees. This coverage is affordable and provides additional income when people need it the most.

Cummings, Fraser & Associates specializes in:


We partner with employers to find the best benefits package available to meet the needs of the employees, while not losing sight of the fact that the business must be mindful of its budget. We provide all current and prospective clients with an exhaustive analysis of available plan benefits and designs, presenting the best matches in easy-to-understand spreadsheet formats. There’s a lot of information out there – we help find and explain it!


Once we have put together a top-of-the-line business health insurance package, we assist in communicating these very important benefits to employees, via employee letters and in-person meetings.


Our job is ongoing throughout the year – it does not start and stop at your annual open enrollment! We will assist with claims, enrollments/terminations, billing issues, COBRA compliance and more.

Voluntary Plans

We can help you find business health insurance plans that are employee-paid.


Flexible Spending Accounts are a great way to help employees save tax dollars while paying for qualified medical expenses.


Health Reimbursement Accounts can be implemented to work in conjunction with a company’s medical plan.


We can install a Health Savings Account-qualified medical plan to help employees save tax dollars while paying for qualified medical expenses.

Benefits Administration

Rules and regulations in this area can be daunting. We provide expert assistance that can help reduce a company’s HR workload.

Expert benefits advice you can trust.